Hiring Trekking Guide & Porter Service

  • Last Updated on Jun 23, 2023

Hiring Guide and porter in Nepal is best way to explore in the Himalaya with comfort and much more pleasant. You have choice to hire them, however for the proper trek, best to hire Guide and porter.

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Hiring a Professional Guide:

A good guide can greatly enrich your trekking experience. A part from showing you the trail, he will explain about the area, place, mountains, temples, culture, geography, local floras and faunas, teach you the Nepali language, introduce you to locals, share culture and festivals, run ahead and secure lodging in the busy season, help out with your backpack if you are struggling, look after logistics like registering your details in every check post, organize your transport whether go by bus or plane, liaising and directing the porter, etc. A guide is only able to get license through a month-long intensive training. This training is organized by TAAN and the Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management (NATHAM) every year. During the training period the guide is instructed in a variety of subjects including first aid, altitude sickness and other important issues. Furthermore the guide must have a certain level of English fluency determined in an interview.

The cost of hire a guide is USD 25-30 per day (Includes wages, food, and lodging)

Hire an Experience Porter Services:

Hire a porter! The best means of helping a porter is to hire one. Hundreds of thousands of families in Nepal depends upon this work as their main source of income.
A porter is hired not just to carry your bags - he will be available during when other extra help is needed. Just be sure to give him a reasonable load (usually a fully packed backpack). If you are with friends, try to group your stuff together in one big backpack and give that to a porter and then each carry a smaller daypack. A porter generally doesn't speak English but will follow a trail and not get lost. Sometimes you can find a porter-guide, which might be ideal if you are trekking alone or if you have only one other companion. This is usually a porter who has been on a number of treks, speaks some English, and aspires to graduate to the guide status. Nepal Mother House has many guides, porters, and guide-porters are always happy to assist you according to your requirements even though you are not buying a full package trip.
Generally one porter is provided for two trekkers, he carries a load of 20-25 kg depending on the trail, which is enough to include all the essentials of two trekkers in the mountains. They carry the load on their head in their traditional manner, often rucksacks or the duffel bags are easier for them to carry. You will have an assistant guide and a cook too in a bigger group to look after the food and lodging. In a fully supported camping trek/organized trek there will be a larger number of kitchen staff, porters, and cooks. When available we use ponies or yaks to carry the luggage.

Basically the cost of the trip depends on the season and trekking region length of trek and also the size of the group. Please contact us for further information for the hiring process and cost details. The transportation charge for the guide or porters will have to be paid by the clients.
Likewise, the cost of hire a Porter is USD 20-22 each day (Includes wages, food, and lodging)

*Note: Service charge and Vat are subjected to the cost. ++

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