Nepal Adventure Trek

Nepal has been named a “Paradise on Earth” and is a wonder in the Himalayas. It offers many Adventures Trekking activities to travelers. The Shangri-La, the roof of the world, a living cultural Museum, the birthplace of the Lord Buddha, and the country of living Goddess, Nepal offers an astonishing diversity of Adventures and Trekking opportunities found nowhere else on earth. 

The Adventures Trekking organize in the far remote places of Nepal with the beaten Path area, hidden valley of the Himalaya, through the several High Himalaya passes, Himalaya alpine area, Glacier Lake, moraine, and entrusted viewpoints provide for Adventures Seekers. Nowhere else in the world is found the astonishing diversity and such attractions and adventure opportunities as Nepal offers. The Adventure Trekking takes you through those places; known as a melting pot of Hinduism and Buddhism cultural remote areas, holy religious sites, historical as well as cultural enrich places, temple, monastery, Chorten, ancient fort, Durbar square, countless fast and festival, and many spectacular waterfalls, snow-capped Mountains, world deepest gorges, numerous natures’ beauties and rare wildlife and vegetation, which help to fulfill your entire dream. Kanchanjungha Trekking, Makalu Sherpani col Trekking, Rolwalling Tashi Lancha Pass Trekking, and Dhaulagiri Circuit trekking, Tilicho Lake / Mesikantola Pass Trekking are known as Adventure trekking in Nepal. 
 Considering your requirements, we “Nepal Mother House Treks and Expedition” designed the following trekking Packages for those travelers who love the adventure activities in the Himalayas all over Nepal. We will arrange Nepal Adventure Trekking through our life experience Guide and staff.

Most Popular Adventure Trekking in Nepal 
* Dhaulagiri Adventure Trekking
*Kanchanjungha Adventure Trekking
*Makalu Adventure Trekking 
*Rolwalling Adventure Trekking