Nepal Home Stay Trekking

Home Stay means staying in local people's houses in the peaceful site of the city or countryside.  A Home Stay Trek allows travelers to stay with a Nepalese family during the journey, where there are no lodges or tea houses for accommodation. You will stay with the local family, sleep in a Nepalese home, take meals with the family, and maybe even tour the city or celebrate a holiday or birthday with them sharing culture and experiencing each other. Nepal Home Stay Trekking provides an opportunity to learn about Nepalese culture, rituals, traditions,s, and day-to-day Nepalese lifestyle.  You will have a meal with family whatever they having. They offer fresh organic meals from their own farm. You may participate in farming activities with them. 

It may great chance to make new friends and extended family and provide direct assistance to the Nepalese people, many of whom are saving for their children’s future education. Even traveling alone Home Stay may be the best way to prevent you from loneliness and experience the family life, culture, and tradition. It is similarly great fun in the size of groups of up to four to five. Definitely, this trip offers you a lifetime experience of the tradition and customs of Nepal one hand and it would be a great contribution to support for the countryside community through your travel.

Considering individual travelers' requirements Nepal Mother House Trek would be glad to offer you the Home Stay Trip Package Program in different parts of Nepal. We will arrange this trekking through our life experience Guide. 

Special Home Stay trekking in Nepal 

• Chitwan Chepang Hill Trail

• Tamang Heritage Trail

• Ghalegaun Trekking

• Tsum Valley Homestay Trekking

• Gorkha Homestay trekking