Nepal Restricted Area Trekking

Nepal is a “paradise on the earth” due to its numerous natural beauties, hidden valley, people's unique culture, and custom. The government of Nepal has focused on tourism for the country’s welfare, even though a number of the remote areas of Nepal were restricted for foreign visitors until 1991 when the entry of foreigners is strictly controlled and even some areas are restricted still. Many trekking areas that may be suggested on a map are restricted areas. To visit those Restricted Region you either cannot get a permit or must travel with a liaison officer and pay for a special permit. The Walunchung Gola, Rolwaling, and the route to Nangpa La in the Khumbu region are still specifically closed to foreigners. 

The Restricted Area Trekking is different in many features from ordinary ones. Many treks that may be suggested on a map are in restricted areas and you either cannot get a permit for these areas. For those Trekking regions, groups must consist of a minimum of two clients and the required fully arranged through a registered Trekking Company to be fully equipped with a tent, all Support staff, cooks, etc. As a curiosity why these areas exist as restricted. In most cases, it is a hangover from a time when the border with China was more sensitive than it is now. To protect the natural environment, particularly the Nepal Nature Conservation Society, are pressuring the government to keep some places closed for ecological reasons to avoid both cultural and environmental degradation from outside influences, that why these area declaring as “restricted”. The environmental officer has to handle all the formalities with the police force and government offices along the route. The trekking agency arranges the Restricted Area Trekking permit through a series of applications and guarantees letters. You cannot trek alone in the Restricted Area in Nepal. Trekkers require support when something goes wrong (accident, illness, or theft), the government restricts some areas because it doubts that it could provide the security that trekkers need. And there are also political reasons behind some Restrictions on Trekking in Nepal. For example, in the 1970s, the Jomsom trek was closed because a major foreign-aided military operation had been mounted there in support of the Khampas in Tibet.

Recently, there are no longer any officially Restricted Areas in Nepal. The immigration office rules now state affairs that "trekkers are not allowed to trek in the notified areas previously known as restricted". Rather than get involved in this entire semantic obstacle, the term "restricted" is used here to refer to places that are closed to trekkers, or open to trekkers only when accompanied by a policeman (a liaison or "environmental" officer). It might be many causes of the decision to open or close certain parts of Nepal to foreigners. Recent changes have liberalized both trekking and climbing, and there is considerable pressure to open more areas to trekkers. Before planning Trekking in Nepal Restricted Area; Upper Mustang, Upper Dolpo, Lower Dolpo, Jumla, Manaslu, Rara Lake, Kanchenjunga, Rupina La Pass, and Humla to Mt Kailas you should check with a trekking agency or the central immigration office.
Considering traveler's requirements Nepal Mother House Trek would glade to organize your Restricted Area Trekking Program in different parts of Nepal. We will arrange this trekking through our life experience Guide and staff. 

Permits & Formalities
The following restricted areas are open only for group trekkers. And a trekking permit will not be issued to individual trekkers for such areas. The areas and required fees are as follows: -
(A)Lower Dolpo, Kanchenjunga, Gaurishankar and Lamabagar 
(B) Manaslu 
(C) Humla - Simikot - Yari 
(D) Upper Mustang and Upper Dolpo 
(E) Chekampar and Chunchet of Gorkha district (Sirdibas-Lhokpa-Chumling-Chekampar-Nile-Chule) 
Kindly visit the restricted trekking in Nepal link for more details. 

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